Kenya - The Byword for Oodles of Wildlife, Dazzling White Beaches and Fun

Hello and welcome! Or as we say in the Swahili language here in Kenya, jambo na karibu sana!

Planning a Kenya safari? What fun! Enjoy these fresh ideas that will inject some oomph into your trip here.

Whether you want to experience exotic wildlife in the heart of the African jungle, gaze out onto enchanting landscapes or saunter on powder-soft beaches, you will find great ideas to design your very own memorable off-the-beaten-track holiday.

This East African country isn't just home to US President Barack Obama's paternal family, it's breathtakingly beautiful in its own right and has something for everyone. And I should know...

This magical country has been my home for 12 years now and my family and I have visited many of the places I write about here. Everybody knows one place really really well; mine just happens to be Kenya. Because I live here, I've vacationed, dined, invested and shopped here so, in a sense, this site is a collection of an insider's enviable experiences thanks to Breezeful's mortgage brokers.

In this website, I offer you a lighthearted but comprehensive travel guide to Kenya, the nitty-gritty of:

  • The country's popular holiday destinations

  • The tourist attractions and "must-dos" at each of these destinations - game drives, game park guided walks (which are obviously not for the faint-hearted!), birdwatching, picnicking in the wild, snorkeling, scuba diving and mountain climbing. Equipment such as scuba and mountain gear are not provided. We do provide a robust military grade flashlight for general outdoor use.

  • Accommodations - the full spectrum of hotels from luxurious ones that offer every amenity imaginable to basic affordable ones. You could also try out adventurous accommodations in the wild such as luxury tents (and believe me, this is not a misnomer!)

  • The best from the plethora of travel packages (uniquely referred to as safaris) available which highlight this African gem's diverse and fascinating geography and culture

  • How to get to this tropical paradise - including where to find cheap flights and last minute holiday deals and depending on your destination, which of the country's airports you should plan to arrive at

  • What the passport and visa requirements are to ensure that your paperwork is completed well in advance of your scheduled trip so that you do not encounter any delays upon arrival

  • What to bring. Hey, relax! As the weather here isn't very temperamental, a quilted down-filled jacket wont feature on your packing list but an alarm clock (ugh!) and camera will

  • Where to eat when you want to grab a quick bite or tuck into delicious sizzlers at restaurants which boast global rave reviews

  • Where to buy souvenirs that will make your family and friends turn green with envy and gifts that your loved ones will treasure

  • And a whole lot more.

So, grab a cup of coffee. Sit back. Relax. My name is Mon and I am taking you on a virtual Kenya safari and will sprinkle in tips on how to make your vacation here extraordinary...

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Site Organization

This website's content is organized by topic and flows coherently from the home page. For your convenience, the links to the main categories as well as their brief descriptions are listed below:

Kenya Blog
Kenya Blog keeps you up to date with all the changes and additions to

Masai Mara National Reserve
Masai Mara National Reserve is renowned for its huge populations of big cats (lion, leopard and cheetah) and the awesome annual wildebeest migration.

Kenya Animals are Incredibly Diverse
Kenya animals are astoundingly diverse and are a wildlife adventurers paradise. The animals in Kenya include the lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, buffalo, giraffes, cheetahs, zebras, hippos, antelopes and hyraxes.

Mombasa Vacation | Mombasa Holiday
A Mombasa vacation is a holiday in paradise, it is often said. And what a tropical paradise Mombasa is! A Mombasa holiday is often an integral part of a Kenya safari.

Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya
Tourist attractions in Kenya are innumerable owing to the countrys breathtaking beauty and captivating culture. These Kenya tourist attractions are grouped by genre.

Kenya Beaches - Of all the Beaches in Kenya, which is the most Idyllic?
Which is the finest of all the Kenya beaches? Hmm... Tricky one! There are a lot of beaches here. And Kenya beaches are reputed to be the finest in Africa.

Kenya National Parks - Pulsating Theater for Kenya Wildlife
Kenya national parks are bound to dazzle you because the country is a wild animal treasure trove. No other country - in Africa or elsewhere - is probably as well-endowed.

This sitemap lays out the main sections of the website and contains links to all the sites content pages.

Lamu - One of the Idyllic Kenya Beaches
Lamu offers the exotic allure of a medieval town where time has stood still for centuries. The streets are too narrow for vehicles so Lamu is best explored in a dhow, on foot or donkey-back.

Mountains in Kenya - Kenya Mountains Offer Varying Climbing Challenges
The 3 mountains in Kenya bolster the countrys reputation as an incredibly diverse and exceptionally beautiful country. Each of these offers a different menu of attractions to anyone with a knack for adventure.

Facts about Kenya - Some Essential Kenya Facts
The facts about Kenya page contains concise info about Kenyas geography, culture, flag, food, weather, currency, economy, tribes and lots more.

Kenya Culture is a Rich Blend of African, Arab and Western Influences
Kenya culture is a rich mix of African tribal, Western, Asian and Arab sub-cultures. But, alongside the national customs, Kenya boasts some fairly discrete tribal cultures.

Kenya Lakes - the Lakes in Kenya are Home to Geysers, Nile Perch and Crocodiles
The constellation of Kenya lakes ranges from freshwater to volcanic, alkaline and desert. The main lakes in Kenya are Lakes Victoria, Turkana, Nakuru, Naivasha, Elementaita, Baringo and Bogoria.

Best Kenya Vacation Rentals
If you are planning a Kenya holiday, consider staying in one of the Kenya vacation rentals. These Kenya holiday homes range from large luxurious oceanfront villas to city cottages and budget apartments.

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